27. september 2021

Become a UCPH student organiser for Global Health Film Days 2022

Film Festival

In 2021, the University of Copenhagen got a new festival: Global Health Film Days. On 25 April 2022, the festival returns for its second edition. Write us now to become a UCPH student organiser.

Logo of Global Health Film Days 2022

From 16-27 May 2021, Global health Film Days brought thought-provoking films and debates about our time’s most urgent global health challenges to the big screen.

Global problems require global solutions, and that is the starting point for Global Health Film Days. We want to show films and host debates and events that make people reflect about the interconnectedness of health and wellbeing on our planet. We want people to be inspired and to become changemakers for a more sustainable – and healthy – future.

After living with a pandemic since December 2019, it has become clear to most that health is a global issue. The corona pandemic has shown us that circumstances one place can affect the health of another on the opposite side of the planet at lightning speed. But Global Health is more than infectious diseases and how we deal with them. Climate change, food production, pollution, health policy, mental well-being, reproductive and sexual health and rights, new forms of medical treatment and the right to health care and medicine are just some of the topics that global health deals with. And these are all some of topics you can meet on the big screen at Global Health Film Days.

Become a student organiser

Would you like to organise a student photo competition? Make our new festival trailer? Develop our visual identity? Work on a funding application? Be our new social media manager, developing a strategy for e.g. Instagram or Facebook? Or would you like to curate a debate, talk or panel about a global health topic or challenge that you are passionate about?

Then get in touch with us now and become a part of a dedicated team of student organisers. Maybe you only have a little time to dedicate to the festival, maybe you have a lot? No matter what, we can find a task that suits you.

Read this Uniavisen interview »Når du har set den her film, er ingenting helt det samme længere« with three of the 2021 student organisers to get an idea about the festival (article in Danish).

We would also like to hear from you if you have ideas for topics, films, venues, collaboration partners etc.

Submit your film

Have you made a global health related film or do you know someone who has? Then submit your film - or tip your friend about it.

Read more about film submission here.

About Global Health Film Days

The festival takes place from 25 April – 1 May (+/- a couple of days) 2022. The main festival location is the Cinematheque in The Danish Film Institute but we would also like to arrange on-location screenings around town.

Global Health Film Days is organised by the University of Copenhagen's School of Global Health and a dedicated team of student volunteers.

Visit our website here to see our 2021 programme or watch our 2021 festival trailer below.


Write us on globalhealthfilm@sund.ku.dk or call festival coordinator, Morten Mechlenborg Nørulf on +45 29782636 if you have any questions