About the School of Global Health

School of Global Health is anchored at the Department of Public Health, at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.


School of Global Health has a board to provide oversight and support. The board is headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Seats go to the deans or dean-appointed members of the participating faculties and the Head of the Department of Public Health and the Director of School of Global Health.

The Board appoints the director and approves School of Global Health's strategic direction, work plans and budgets.

The Board also supports the development of activities at the School of Global Health and ensures the proper coordination of all activities within the school as well as outside. The Board meets once annually and may appoint an international advisory committee on an ad hoc basis to provide specific inputs for strategy documents, major initiatives, and to evaluate the performance of the school.


Purpose and goals

School of Global Health defines Global Health as the research area which deals with all major health problems affecting low- and middle-income societies, including the health concerns that transcend national boundaries and are influenced by circumstances in other countries, such as trade policies, copyright laws, and global migration.

The overall purpose of School of Global Health is to coordinate and improve health research and training at the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with local and global partners, and to promote health and development by research- and evidence based interventions against major health problems affecting low- and middle income societies.

School of Global Health provides the framework for collaborative, interdisciplinary, cross-faculty research and educational activities locally, with a constantly updated global perspective.


Communication and outreach

School of Global Health is engaged in outreach activities designed to foster interactions between the global health research community and the Danish and global society at large. We want citizens, public authorities and health professionals to engage with global health and to learn more about activities, events, news and research.