Global Health Research at University of Copenhagen

How we work with global health research

School of Global Health aims to facilitate global health research across the University of Copenhagen, our university partners in Denmark and abroad, our public and private sector partners, and to people interested in this field of research.

School of Global Health does not actively conduct research but is often involved in research projects as a dissemination partner due to our outreach platform. Our main goal is to create awareness around global health research, connect researchers and partners, and advice on topics and processes. 

School of Global Health has a broad focus when it comes to global health research but focuses specifically on the double burden of disease and social inequalities in health. These include the chronic and non-communicable diseases that increasingly affect underprivileged societies, the infectious diseases that disproportionately affect them, detrimental disease interactions, problems such as weak health systems, inadequate food safety and nutritional deficiencies, as well as irrational drug use and cultural, societal, gender-based and environmental barriers to health.

School of Global Health encourages research that integrates basic laboratory and theoretical research with clinical research and field-based public health studies in order to improve health among affected populations.