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About Global Health Film Days

Global Health Film Days focuses on important topics that are crucial for the future wellbeing of humans and the planet. On an evermore connected planet, circumstances one place can affect the health of another at lightning speed and that is why global health is a field that concerns us all. Each year, Global Health Film Days presents a curated section of the global health challenges of our time such as infectious diseases, climate change, food production, pollution, health policy, mental well-being, reproductive and sexual health and rights, non-communicable diseases, new forms of medical treatment, the right to health care and medicine, just to mention a few. Through film, panels, lectures and socialising we explore the challenges and opportunities for a more sustainable future. 

Global problems require global solutions, and that is the starting point for Global Health Film Days. All film screenings are followed by panel debates with researchers, decision-makers, public health experts, journalists, private companies and NGOs - and you are also invited to take part in the debates.

 The third edition of the festival will take place in Spring 2023. Global Health Film Days is co-presented by CPH:DOX.