8 October 2021

Submit your film to Global Health Film Days

Film Festival

Global Health Film Days is Denmark's film festival about important global health challenges of tomorrow. Global health film makers are encouraged to submit their films now - either for programme selection or inclusion in the Global Health Film Database.

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For three years in a row, Global health Film Days brought thought-provoking films and debates about our time’s most urgent global health challenges to the big screen in Denmark.

Global problems require global solutions, and that is the starting point for Global Health Film Days. We want to show films and host debates and events that make people reflect about the interconnectedness of health and wellbeing on our planet. We want people to be inspired and to become changemakers for a more sustainable – and healthy – future.

Submit your film

We call upon global health film makers around the world to submit their films. Have you made a global health related film or do you know someone who has? Then submit your film - or tip your friend about it - so we can consider it for the festival programme or for our Global Health Film Database.

Global Health is a broad area so your film can be about anything from infectious diseases, sexual and reproductive health and rights and mental health to climate change, environmental health and food production. The important thing is that your film somehow unfolds a global health topic. It should not only inform but also invite the viewers in for a deeper reflection about the topic and its global relevance.

Please send your film to globalhealthfilm@sund.ku.dk with the following information:

  • Link to film (remember the password if it is password protected)
  • Name of film
  • Production year
  • Countrie(s) depicted
  • Global health topic
  • Link to trailer
  • Length in minutes
  • Name of director(s)

We receive short films, documentaries and fiction films.

After receiving your submission, the festival organisers will assess your film and get in contact with you if it is a fit for the programme or if it is included in our Global Health Film Database.

Global Health Film Database

We run the Global Health Film Database, which is updated regularly and published on our website. It is not an exhaustive list but we try to include as many film titels as possible when we come across new global health films. Feel free to write us if you know of films we have missed.

Find the Global Health Film Database here.

About Global Health Film Days

After living with a pandemic since December 2019, it has become clear to most that health is a global issue. The corona pandemic has shown us that circumstances one place can affect the health of another on the opposite side of the planet at lightning speed. But Global Health is more than infectious diseases and how we deal with them. Climate change, food production, pollution, health policy, mental well-being, reproductive and sexual health and rights, new forms of medical treatment and the right to health care and medicine are just some of the topics that global health deals with. And these are all some of topics you can meet on the big screen at Global Health Film Days.

The festival is run by a dedicated team of student volunteers from the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with University of Copenhagen's School of Global Health.

Check out the 2023 festival trailer below, or see the 2021 or 2022 trailer here.


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