17 March 2023

Lena Skovgaard Andersen is the new Director of University of Copenhagen’s School of Global Health

New Director

On Monday 6 March, Professor Flemming Konradsen passed the baton to Assistant Professor Lena Skovgaard Andersen when the board of the School of Global Health, consisting of the University of Copenhagen’s six deans, unanimously elected her as the new director of the School of Global Health. Flemming Konradsen held the position since 2 February 2009.

Lena Skovgaard Andersen
Lena Skovgaard Andersen takes over the leadership of the School of Global health after Flemming Konradsen.

Lena Skovgaard Andersen holds a PhD in Clinical and School Psychology and an MA in Psychology with Distinction from Hostra University, U.S.A. She worked for 13 years in Cape Town, South Africa – most recently as a Senior Research Officer for the HIV Mental Health Research Unit. She returned to Denmark in 2021, and has since 2022 been employed as an Assistant Professor in Global Mental Health at the University of Copenhagen’s (UCPH) Section of Global Health. 

“Lena is in many ways a perfect match for the School of Global Health. She comes with many years of international experience, having lived, worked and studied in Lebanon, Japan, Hungary, Denmark, England, USA and South Africa. She is an excellent networker and her credentials within research speak for themselves. Furthermore, she brought energy and perspectives into several of the courses she manages at the University of Copenhagen and students are appreciating her engagement. I feel confident in leaving the responsibilities to Lena” says Flemming Konradsen.

Lena Skovgaard Andersen’s research consists of mixed methods to inform the development and evaluation of psychological and psychosocial interventions for mental disorders comorbid with chronic health conditions in low- and middle-income countries. Her work has focused on vulnerable populations, primarily people living with HIV and forcibly displaced people.

14 years at the School of Global Health

Flemming Konradsen started the School of Global Health 14 years ago with the aim to bring together and make better use of the UCPHs otherwise at that time somewhat scattered capacities within malaria, HIV, non-communicable and infectious diseases, among other things.

“Flemming and the School of Global Health has through the years been pioneering educational initiatives and events that has made the University of Copenhagen an attractive place to study and do research within global health. As examples, the School of Global Health developed the university’s first freely available massive online open course, has developed novel field courses in partnership with research institutions in the global South and piloted new pedagogical methods in teaching, like the annual global health case challenge, Flemming and the team at the School of Global Health have often shown the way and the importance of multidisciplinary approaches within global health. I welcome Lena to this new position and look forward to seeing her thrive with her new responsibilities” says Bente Merete Stallknecht, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and Chairperson of the School of Global Health.

Flemming Konradsen now works as Senior Vice President at the Novo Nordisk Foundation. He will still be teaching global health in some classes at UCPH.

A new team at the School of Global Health

Lena Skovgaard Andersen has already had some experience working with the team behind the School of Global Health and is looking forward to continuing the journey. 

“I feel honored and privileged to take over as the director of the School of Global Health. The School of Global Health, under the leadership of Flemming Konradsen, has succeeded in furthering the global health agenda across the University of Copenhagen, through innovative pedagogical approaches, creative events, and substantial network creation to name but a few. On behalf of the School of Global Health, I would like to thank Flemming for his foresight in establishing this important school and for his years of commitment and hard work in advancing its agenda. I look forward to working with the team to continue the legacy that has been created and to expand our partnerships and initiatives within global health across the university and beyond” says Lena Skovgaard Andersen.

In early 2023, the School of Global Health also expanded the team to include two student assistants and are currently looking to employ an additional project and communications manager that will assist the team from 1 July 2023. See the position here.


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