Tenere / The untold story of desert migration

Global Health Film Days 2024

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About the film

"Tenere" unravels the untold saga of migrants embarking on a harrowing journey from Agadez, Niger, venturing across the Sahara desert en route to Libya and Europe. Following the journey of Bachir and his travel companions on a truck resembling Noah’s Ark, we witness the physical and emotional toll of the journey as the men battle harsh environmental conditions, little water and wavering morale. Through the lens of Director Hasan Söylemez, an independent filmmaker from Turkey, the documentary offers breathtaking cinematography, providing viewers with a visceral portrayal of the physical and emotional toll endured by individuals in search of opportunity abroad. Making its premiere at the The Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, and winning ‘Best Cinematography’ award at the Manchester Film Festival in 2020, viewers have the opportunity to reflect and learn about the complexities of migration policies and the broader issues of global inequality and displacement.

Director: Hasan Söylemez
Turkey, 2020, 93 min, English subtitles
Allowed over 15 years


Before the film, a workshop with the Red Cross will delve into the migration route through the desert: Why have we not heard about these routes? Why is there no aid for the affected population? What can we do to give them a voice? Through an interactive event with the Red Cross and humanitarian workers in the field, the attendees will get the chance to explore the dilemmas of migration through the desert. The event will be in English.

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