Erasmus in Gaza / Conflict and health

Global Health Film Days 2024

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About the film

Embark on a six-month journey with Riccardo, an aspiring war surgeon from Italy, as he travels to Gaza as the first ever Erasmus student at the University of Gaza, an area that has continuously been affected by conflict for decades. After being proudly welcomed at the University of Gaza, Riccardo quickly makes unexpected connections and encounters shared humanity and resilience. As he navigates the emotional and physical toll that comes with living and working in a conflict affected area, the story sheds light onto his inner conflict that reflects on his privilege and responsibility. He struggles with the realisation of being able to go home at any time, unlike his Palestinian friends who cannot leave the Gaza Strip. “Erasmus in Gaza” is a story that unfolds emotion, bravery and curiosity.

Directors: Chiara Avesani, Matteo Delbò
Spain, 2022, 88 min, English subtitles
Allowed over 15 years

Trigger warning: The film contains graphic depictions and discussions of war, violence, trauma, and its psychological effects.


The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic of conflict and health, with a focus on the Gaza Strip, moderated by KU’s Professor for Arabic Studies Jørgen Simonsen. The panel will include a nurse working with Médecins Sans Frontières, a student from the West Bank, one of the co-directors, and the protagonist of the documentary. After the panel discussion, guests will be invited to enjoy some drinks and Palestinian snacks prepared by the Danish Palestinian Women Organization.

Tickets: +45 33 74 34 12 or here.
See the full festival programme here.

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