Below the Belt / Endometriosis

Global Health Film Days 2024

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About the film

Time and time again, women have been blocked from clinical trials due to the notion that menstruation, pregnancy, and natural hormonal cycles are too much of a hindrance in research. Such neglect results in medical mysteries, chronic pain, and endless confusion for millions of women globally. Directed by Shannon McCoy Cohn, the 2023 film Below the Belt follows the stories of 4 women trying to find answers to their mysterious symptoms. Through the lens of endometriosis, a disease affecting 1 in 9 women, the film exposes how women are dismissed, discounted, and disbelieved when seeking healthcare. Below The Belt is an educational film that provides an accurate base of knowledge about endometriosis and a step forward towards revolutionising the landscape of women’s health.

Director: Shannon Cohn
USA, 2023, 50 min. English dialogue.
Allowed over 15 years


The film will be followed by key speakers and local organisations fighting for increased research and recognition of endometriosis in Denmark and beyond. During these crucial conversations, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the speakers. Audience members will also be able to enjoy an art installation depicting various themes presented throughout the film.

Tickets: +45 33 74 34 12 or here.
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