Become a global health mentor

Why should I become a global health mentor?

As a mentor you will:

  • help a global health student with the transition from student life to the job market
  • develop your own mentoring and management skills through the meetings
  • fortify mentees’ ‘soft skills or personal abilities to succeed in the workplace
  • brand your company and work area
  • learn what students and newly graduates want and expect from their professional life
  • be updated on the latest theories and initiatives within the academic field of global health
  • make a difference and guide a student by using your own career experiences
  • contribute to the longevity of the global health alumni community by nurturing its future workforce

What do I commit myself to as a mentor?

You will be matched with a global health student or newly graduate based on the mentee’s interest in your work area.

We recommend that you meet with your mentee minimum four times in the mentoring period. Each meeting lasts about 1-1,5 hour.

The mentoring period starts 1 January and will last until 1 October 2023. You decide the meeting frequency with your mentee as well as the themes for each meeting. Meetings can take place during or after your work hours, usually at your workplace or where it is convenient for your and your mentee.  Since many alumni work outside Denmark, we also expect many meetings to be held online.

The relationship is voluntary for both parties. The face-to-face meetings are supposed to create a free forum where students are able to exchange thoughts, ideas or considerations concerning their future career possibilities with their mentors. It is the mentee's job to be pro-active in terms of approaching you and taking the lead in organising the meetings.

Mentor registration will open again next year

If you work within global health but are educated from a different university/institution and would like to become a mentor in this programme, then send an email to