Welcome to University of Copenhagen’s Global Health Mentor Programme

The UCPH Global Health Alumni Association and the University of Copenhagen's School of Global Health runs the annual global health mentor programme. In the mentor programme, students and newly graduates from the MSc programme in Global Health are matched with a personal mentor - a senior global health alumni or employee at UCPH - who has professional experience from an area or organisation the mentee finds interesting.

The mentee and the mentor can discuss future career possibilities, CVs, how to relate their own competencies to an organisation or a work area etc. – all the things that make a difference when you are about to enter the global health job market for the first time.

For the mentors, this is a good opportunity to make a difference and guide a student by using your own career experiences, as well as developing your own mentoring and management skills and get updated on the latest theories and initiatives within the academic field of global health.

When and where?

We recommend that you meet minimum four times during the mentor programme period and that each meeting lasts about 1-1,5 hours. The meetings can be online if the mentor and mentee are not in the same location or physical, for example at the mentor's work place, café or library. The mentor programme will officially run from 10 January until 10 October.

Important dates

  • 18 December: Registration deadline for mentors
  • 8 January: Registration deadline for mentees
  • 8 - 9 Januar: Matchmaking
  • 10 January - 11 October: Mentoring
  • 23 January at 5 PM: Mentor start-up meeting
  • 24 January at 5 PM: Mentee start-up meeting
  • 16 May: Halfway meeting
  • 11 October: Evaluation survey sent out
  • 14 October: Close out meeting