Women in Global Health Denmark

Bringing together all genders and backgrounds to achieve gender equality and equity in global health.

About us

The Chapter was started in Copenhagen, Denmark on the initiative of interested individuals who learned about the objectives of Women in Global Health (WGH) global and the European Chapters already in existence . Several virtual and in-person meetings took place over a period of 24 months in order to recruit core group members , and to develop a set of shared goals and objectives for the Chapter. The group spent time organizing itself and defining ways to collaborate during a time when it was hard to meet in person.

We are passionate about the cause of challenging power and privilege for gender equity in health. The Chapter expects to put gender equality on the map, and to engage in relevant forums and events in Denmark and the European Region. We hope to lift the profile of women in global health, by creating an open Chapter registry, where interested women and allies have a chance to be featured and seen.

Women should be equipped with tools and strategies supporting their participation in leadership roles. We expect to create a network that facilitates inspirational learning across generations of women and allies with heterogeneous professional backgrounds and years of experience setting the WGH agenda.

The Chapter aims to create linkages to existing Gender Transformative Leaderships Initiatives and associations in Denmark, and we wish to create opportunities for future global health leaders through a mentoring programme.

The Chapter will actively participate in the “EU Chapter lead” group and seek to align with the Nordic Chapter leads, including joint project planning and fundraising.

We are working with these 3 priority areas:

  1. to promote greater gender equality in leadership roles within the health sector in Denmark and globally
  2. to promote safe and equitable working conditions for women in the health sector in Denmark and globally
  3. To promote a more gender responsive health system in Denmark and globally, which includes the services it provides

The Chapter will organize talks, discussions, and networking opportunities related to selected policy issues on a quarterly basis.