19 September 2023

Call for young innovators: Urban Health Case Challenge in Warsaw, Poland

Case Challenge

Are you interested in creating innovative solutions against obesity in urban environments? Be one of the ten UCPH students to compete in the Urban Health Case Challenge in Warsaw, Poland on December 9-12, 2023. Selected students will receive 4EU+ Mobility Grants.

Urban Health Case Challenge Poster

UPDATE: Application period ended on October 16. Application after this date will no longer be accepted.

About UHCC

The Urban Health Case Challenge is an initiative under the 4EU+ University Alliance. In a case challenge, the participating student teams strive to develop the best solution to a real-world issue presented by a business or non-government organization within a limited time-span. Each team presents their solution in front of an expert jury at a pitching session on the last day of the case challenge. The competition has been organized to address the many urban changes associated with health and demographic transformation in our growing urban environments. This year, we will deal with the question of "obesity in an urban environment". The event will be organized in a cooperation with 4th International Scientific Conference Interdisciplinarity of Health and Healthcare and WHO.

The Challenge

The focus this year is on obesity in an urban environment. The obesity is one of main civilizational challenges of our times. According to WHO it is “often the result of environmental and societal changes associated with development and lack of supportive policies in sectors such as health, agriculture, transport, urban planning, environment, food processing, distribution, marketing, and education.” Together with your team, you will work on a solution to a given case question concerning one of these relations.

Who can participate

Bachelor, master's, and PhD students from 4EU+'s partner universities. Each partner university has 10 places. Out of these students, we will create mixed teams of 4 people each. The competition has been created to strengthen the university students' competencies and commitment to solving real-world problems through practical, theoretical, innovative and interdisciplinary learning. In addition, the participants get the opportunity to engage in a highly topical case from the real world and work in an innovative and interdisciplinary manner. 

The Format

Starting November 15th, we will have four online classes (most likely weekly, on Wednesdays, at 17:00) that provide background knowledge, ranging a medical point of view to to urban planning aspects. The actual challenge will take place in Warsaw from December 9th till December 12th.

On December 9th the specific case question will be revealed, and the teams will join to work on their innovative solutions to the aforementioned challenges. Background materials on the specific question will be the starting point of students’ research projects. However, the case question will be wide enough to allow very different solutions from multiple approaches meet the realities of several cities in Europe.

The participants will also receive training in problem solving and pitching of results and solutions. The teams will also be trained in developing and concretising their ideas so they can present them convincingly at the finals.

On December 12th, the last day of the competition, the teams will pitch their solutions to an international jury of experts. All teams will receive feedback on their ideas. The winning team may be given the opportunity to put the proposed idea into practice.

More information about the Case Challenge classes and program will be released soon.

Learning Outcomes

The aim is to strengthen university students’ competencies and engagement in solutions to real-world cases through employment of practical, theoretical, innovative and interdisciplinary thinking. Students will be given a unique opportunity to work in mixed teams, to network and learn from and with each other, faculty, the external case provider and other stakeholders. Students will learn to work innovatively and cross-disciplinarily to solve complex case problems, train their pitch skills and practice task and time management.

Schedule (Online)

November 2, 2023, 17:00

Information and organization meeting

November 15, 2023, 17:00

Stepan Svacina, Charles University, "Introduction to obesity – causes, identification and treatment”

November 21, 2023, 17:00

Daniela Lucini, University of Milano, "Connection between obesity, physical activity and lifestyle"
November 29, 2023, 17:00

Simon Cook, Birmingham City University, “Geography of sport: running in cities”

December 5, 2023, 17:00

Izabella Łęcka, University of Warsaw, “Physical activity as a vital element of the development of the concept of healthy cities”

Schedule (On-site)

December 9, 2023

Registration starts at 9:00

Opening and announcement of the case question

December  10, 2023 Problem solving workshop
December 11, 2023 Pitch training
December 12, 2023 Pitch with teams presentations, announcement of the results till 15:00


There is a possibility to earn 3 ECTS from attending the online classes and participating in the competition in Warsaw, Poland, provided that the student will seek credit transfer approval from their study board. Otherwise, this is considered an extra-curricular activity.

Mobility Grant

When you get selected, you will receive a lump sum stipend (rates agreed in 4EU+) which consists of:

  • One-time travel stipend of 275 Euros
  • Daily rate of 70 Euros

This is subject to timely processing of the Grant Agreement and Learning Agreement that will be coordinated with you as soon as you are notified of your selection. 

How to apply

Update: Application period has ended.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joyce Anne Quinto: joyce.quinto@sund.ku.dk