Capacity Building for the African Research and Development Ecosystem

Evelyn Gitau

Dr. Evelyn Gitau from African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) will give an open lecture about "Capacity Building for the African Research and Development Ecosystem". Evelyn Gitau is APHRC's Director of Programmes.

The talk will be under 30 minutes and there will be ample opportunity for questions. 

Join us in the room (registration not required) - or online via this Zoom link.


APHRC endeavors to nurture African research leadership to meaningfully engage with policy actors and decision-makers for the continent’s development. To this end, APHRC has developed capacity-strengthening models for the world and continues to be a strong African voice in the global arena. Our successful initiatives support the development of research leaders as well as support our partners to institutionalize some of the innovations generated. We co-design capacity-building initiatives that enable researchers, institutions, and policy actors to understand the future by anticipating the impact of global health on society and to use the knowledge gained by exploring the dynamic interaction between social, technical, economic, environmental, and political forces to inform decision-making and shape strategy.

Evelyn Gitau will be speaking about:

  • Capacity strengthening at the individual level
  • Partnerships for institutional strengthening
  • Partnerships for systemic capacity strengthening