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International Health

The former Course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

The University of Copenhagen offers this intensive three week Summer Course in International Health targeting students and professionals with health related backgrounds. The course takes place every summer and especially addresses participants working with health provision at hospitals and health centres in developing countries.

In order to provide participants with a basic understanding of the health problems facing developing countries and the challenges these provide for their health systems, the topics of the course include tropical medicine, health promotion, disease prevention, sexual and reproductive health, social and cultural aspects of health, child health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, health related to water and sanitation and health in emergencies.

Emphasis is on the biomedical and clinical aspects of the diseases facing people in developing countries. The most important diseases will be discussed in more detail with emphasis on clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment. The conditions includes diabetes and other non-communicable diseases, malnutrition, malaria and other febrile diseases, tuberculosis, filariasis, leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis, intestinal worms, diarrheal diseases, leprosy, mental diseases, sexual transmitted diseases, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, eye-diseases, skin-diseases and snake bites. Introductions to child health and reproductive health programs are also provided.

The socio-economic context and cultural aspects of health provision in resource poor societies and the changing disease patterns in developing countries are also discussed. The health problems relating to urbanization is examined as well as the provision of health in emergencies.

Throughout the course the participants will meet a number of engaged lecturers representing a range of institutions such as University of Copenhagen, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, WHO, UNFPA, UNHCR, Red Cross and MSF. All teachers have practical experience within the field of international health. The English language course is based on active participation from the students. Depending on interest and initiative social activities will take place in afternoons and evenings.


UCPH medical students enrolled in the 2015 master's curriculum can only participate in the course as part of the 5th semester perspective: Internationalt perspektiv - International Sundhed.

Medical students must have obtained a BSc in Medicine and have passed clinical courses in internal medicine and surgery. Health professionals (medical doctors, midwifes, nurses, health economists, physiotherapists etc.) must have completed a bachelor degree with duration of minimum 3 years.

Students may apply for dispensation if their motivation letter states the immediate relevance of the course, for instance, a signed contract of going on a Health related mission abroad.

Selection criteria

After the application deadline the admissions committee will go through all the applications and select the course participants, based on an assessment of who will profit the most from the course. Priority will be given to applicants with experience from working in the field, contact to or contract with a relevant institution/organization, etc.

We strongly encourage all applicants to put energy and care into the motivation-section of the online application, as this is the main selection criteria. 

Credits and exam

Credits 5 ECTS
Course participation
Course certificate is achieved on the basis of approved course participation.
Marking scale: pass/fail

Application procedures

The online application form will be available on this web page 22 January 2018. The application deadline is 1 April 2018.

Tuition fee

Participants exempted from payment:

Students from Danish universities will not be charged any tuition fee provided that the course is accepted as part of their MSc programme. Danish students must provide a pre-approval of credit transfer upon application.

Students enrolled in certain programmes at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH, do not need a pre-approval of credit transfer. Please study the overview of study programmes, where preapproval of summer course is not required.

Exchange students from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences', UCPH, partner universities can participate in this course free of charge, if they have been nominated by their home university. The course must be an integrated part of their study programme.

Fee paying participants:

All other participants (students, working professionals, etc.) must pay tuition fee according to the information below.

EU/EEA citizens 5,000 DKK
Non-EU/EEA citizens 9,000 DKK

The fee covers participation in the course. It does not cover travel, accommodation and living expenses during the course. Full payment of course fees must be transferred in May 2018. Payment details will be forwarded upon acceptance.

Refund policy

You can only get a refund of your tuition fee, if you cancel at least two month prior to the beginning of the course including e-learning modules.


Course Coordinator: Ms Birgitte Gantriis

Course Director: Professor Thor Theander


Mailing address

Summer Course in International Health
School of Global Health
University of Copenhagen
PO Box 2099
DK-1014 Copenhagen K

Additional information

Accommodation: Please note that the summer courses are non-residential. Participants are responsible for finding and funding accommodation during their stay in Copenhagen.

You can use different online portals to search for accommodation, such as:

Copenhagen has an international airport, and the city centre can be reached within 30 minutes. If you want additional information read Arriving in Copenhagen.

For more details about the courses please read the course descriptions in UCPH's course database.

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