Online Courses - Accredited, blended learning and MOOCs

To increase flexibility of our study programmes and reach out to more students globally the School of Global Health - University of Copenhagen has begun a journey towards integrating E-learning and ICT elements into our courses. Aside from augmenting the traditional on-campus courses, the school is also developing online and blended learning courses in different formats.

Accredited and moderated online courses

These online and blended learning courses consist of weekly modules with video-lectures, readings and moderated group discussions. Students who pass the final exam will obtain ECTS from the University of Copenhagen. The blended model combines the online learning with class room learning in Copenhagen. Currently, University of Copenhagen offers two courses relevant for students interested in global health:

Massive open online courses

The University of Copenhagen is offering courses on Coursera - the world's biggest platform for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). These courses are free and open to everyone interested. Below you will find MOOCs from the University of Copenhagen that are relevant to students interested in the field of global health. Students do not get ECTS from these courses, and there is no direct interaction between the individual student and the course instructor.