Professional masters

The professional master programmes are for people who already have professional experience and want to give their skills and career a boost. Below is an overview of global health related master's programmes across the University of Copenhagen.

Master of Disaster Management

The Master of Disaster Management is a holistic and interdisciplinary programme aimed at providing the appropriate skills for disaster management, risk reduction and preparedness at a national and international level in areas of natural and man made disaster, climate change and terrorism.

Professional Master from Centre of African Studies

Professional Master’s Programme at the Centre of African Studies provides insight into and understanding of Africa in terms of development and social and cultural conditions, and offers you the opportunity to gain linguistic competencies in Kiswahili.

Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health programme is a two year academic master's degree in public health. The Master of Public Health focuses on the occurrence, distribution and causes of disease and disease consequences in the population in both a national and an international perspective.

Master of Anthropology of Health

The Anthropology of Health programme deals with the social and cultural dimensions of sickness and health. You will get a solid theoretical and analytical foundation, as well as knowledge of qualitative methods, which will strengthen their ability to analyse and rethink their own practice.