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Global Health Case Challenge 2018 - Synergies in Urban Development

The University of Copenhagen, Gehl - Making Cities for People, EIT Climate-KIC and EIT Health invite students to spend 24 hours developing solutions to a specific Case Challenge on synergies in urban development - in Copenhagen on 23-24 November 2018.

Today’s cities face new complex challenges and solutions demand innovative teamwork across disciplines. The situation calls for new thinking on how to design and sustain resilient cities in ways that secure the environment and citizens’ health and wellbeing at the same time. This again requires commitment and collaboration across disciplines and sectors including strong ties between planners, decision makers, professionals and students and active engagement of the full spectrum of citizens.

The Global Health Case Challenge 2018 is now open for registration (click here).
This year's challenge on Synergies in Urban Development is provided by Gehl - Making Cities for People.

For inspiration to this year's Case Challenge, please watch 5 different perspectives presented by researchers at the University of Copenhagen:

Katherine Richardson, Professor, Leader of Sustainability Centre University of Copenhagen

Anders Blok, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Emil Engelund Thybring, Postdoc, Section for Forest, Nature and Biomass

Nadya Dich, Assistant Professor, Section of Social Medicine

Hanne Wiemann Nielsen, PhD Student, IGN Division of Landscape Architecture and Planning

Practical information

The Global Health Case Challenge 2018 is open to students from all universities. A team can have a maximum of five participants and a minimum of four participants. If you do not have a team, please visit the Matchmaking Group on Facebook - students have great success with finding the right team to join through this platform. NB: Students are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. These will not be reimbursed.

What is a case challenge?

Watch this short film (2m20s) from the Global Health Case Challenge in 2016:

In a case challenge (also often called a case competition) the teams participating strive to develop the best solution to a real-world issue presented by a business or organization most often within a 24-hour time-span. Each team presents their solution both in writing and as a short oral pitch to a jury (5 minutes). All teams receive pitch training to prepare them for the final presentation.

You can read more about the purpose of a case challenge and how to organize one in the Best Practice Guideline for Case Challenges by Kristine Sorgenfri Hansen, School of Global Health.

Student teams awaiting the disclosure of this year's Global Health Case Challenge. Photo: School of Global Health, UCPH
Student teams awaiting the disclosure of the case question. Photo: School of Global Health, UCPH

Find more information on the event pages from each year, our Facebook page or by signing up for our newsletter. The 2017 challenge was provided by the UNFPA, in 2016 the two cases were provided by WHO Europe and Red Cross and Red Crescent respectively.

2017: Case Challenge on Migrating Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health w/ UNFPA
2016: Case Challenge on Antibiotic Resistance w/ WHO Europe
2016: Case Challenge on Refugees in Europe w/ Red Cross and Crescent

Are you a business/organization with a global presence and a Global Health Challenge then do not hesitate to contact us about next years potential Case Challenge and the collaborative development of this - latest in the month of March of the year that the event is to be held).