International Study Exposure - Global Public Health

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For postgraduate medical students at the University of Copenhagen only.

In order to follow this track it is mandatory that you sign up for and take the summer course on global health challenges.

CLICK HERE for more information and registration to the summer course.

September: Three weeks (full-time) preparatory course for field stay in Mexico.

August: Summer course on Global Health Challenges

October-November: Four-week course in Mexico

Before departure and following the summer course a series of lectures, colloquia and institutional visits will take place in Copenhagen.
The field stay and exposure takes place in Mexico.

In Copenhagen as well as in Mexico the main focus will be on the most important health problems globally – namely cardio metabolic health and diseases (CMDs)

CMDs will be studied from various perspectives including prevention, management at different levels and rehabilitation. Focus will be on comparing these perspectives in Denmark and Mexico.

Relevant institutional visits are planned in Copenhagen as well as in Mexico. It is anticipated that students may select a health problem in relation to vascular diseases for their thesis project.

In Copenhagen the main supervisor is Assoc. Prof. Dirk Lund Christensen.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.
Dirk Lund Christensen, Course Director: