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The University of Copenhagen hosts several graduate programmes and graduate schools where you can undertake a PhDs within global health.

Most PhD fellows connected to the School of Global Health are enrolled in the Graduate Programme in Public Health and Epidemiology, which is a part of the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences.

Many other relevant global health graduate programmes can be found across the University's departments and faculties, and we encourage prospective PhD applicants to seek out more information at the University of Copenhagen's PhD information page. There you will also find all relevant contact information for the individual graduate programmes.

The School of Global Health cannot answer PhD inquiries.

PhD students affiliated with School of Global Health - University of Copenhagen

We maintain a list of current PhD projects affiliated with School of Global Health. Please click on the names for information about the projects. The information is updated on a regular basis.

Abel Gonçalo Chilundo (Veterinary Disease Biology, IVS)
Chia-Hsien Lin (Global Health, IFSV, SUND)
Foojan Mehrdana (Veterinary Disease Biology, IVS)
Huma Aftab (Global Health, IFSV, SUND)
Jane Brandt Sørensen (Global Health, IFSV, SUND)
Louise Isager Ahl (Statens Naturhistoriske Museum)
Lizell Bustamante Madsen (Global Health, IFSV, SUND)

Matthew David Phelps (Global Health, IFSV, SUND)

Mike Zangenberg (ISIM)
Nanna Maaløe (Global Health, IFSV, SUND)
Sidsel Nag (CMP, SUND)
Signe Lindgård Anderse (Anthropology, SAMF) 
Sofie Lykke Møller (Global Health, IFSV, SUND)
Thomas Scott Hughes (Anthropology, SAMF)
Uffe Christian Braae (IVS, SUND)

Zainab Afshan Sheikh (MeST, IFSV, SUND)



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