Reproductive health and environment in the Arctic

Nordic Global Health Talks 10
The presentation is by Jon Øyvind Odland, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Arctic children are at risk. The environmental and socio-economic situation  is not in a favour of a sustainable development. We have discovered serious nutritional deficiencies in the modern society, and the arctic indigenous populations are exposed to high levels of Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS). 

The most vulnerable time of life is before you are born. There is surprisingly little focus on the association between a bad nutritional and environmental situation in utero and the risk of diabetes and cardio-vascular disease in adult populations. Our studies in the Arctic have revealed good evidence of the situation at individual as well as population level. A complicating factor is the ongoing climate change, with emerging new contaminants in the environment and food security/availability challenges, ending up with new health and development challenges. We need to change our thinking and political strategies into a sustainable future for the coming generations. We want a "green generation" and we want our generation to make it possible.

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