1 October 2020

Tuberculosis - the never ending story?


Despite vaccine, diagnostics and efficient inexpensive treatment for decades, tuberculosis (TB) remains the leading infectious killer worldwide. On 11 September 2020, newly appointed professor, Troels Lillebæk, gave his inaugural lecture 'Tuberculosis – the never ending story? From Molecular to Global Perspective', which signalled a new step in the collaboration between University of Copenhagen’s Global Health Section and Statens Serum Institut.

Homeless man at the doctor
The tuberculosis nurse, Nete Wrona Olsen, talks with a homeless man at Gentofte Hospital.

Even in Europe, high rates of multi-drug resistant TB in former Soviet Union countries is an imminent concern, and in the Danish Kingdom, Greenland continues to struggle with high rates of TB. At the same time, the welfare state Denmark experiences extraordinary high rates of TB among socially marginalised persons. It is a never ending story.

Join Troels Lillebæk in this lecture, when he talks about the historical perspectives of TB in Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe and the world - and how it is all connected.

Watch the lecture here: