10 September 2018

New posts on Eye on Global Health

A team of engaged and enthusiastic MSc in Global Health students have recently reuptaking the student blog Eye on Global Health.The student driven blog is based at the University of Copenhagen and it aims to provide an innovative and insightful voice on Global and International Health issues.

Newly published blog postes

6 September 2018 
Case Challenge 2017- solutions for migrating women

Author: Ina Andersson
The winning solution from the 2017 Global Health Case Challenge, on migrating women’s sexual and reproductive health.

31 August 2018
Resilience Building with Inuit Youth in Naujaat, Canada
Author: Mary Harasym
Using co-production with the Inuit youth of Naujaat, there is an opportunity to improve a sense of cultural identity, pride, and social capital, which have been identified as protective suicide prevention factors.

17 August 2018
Biometrics in Global Health
Author: Mary Harasym
“Technology advances at exponential rates, and human institutions and societies do not. They adapt at much slower rates. Those gaps get wider and wider.” Mitch Kapor

10 August 2018
Borderland- experiences in Northern Thailand
Authors: Androga Diana and Sena Otio
Approaches to field research and elderly social care in Chiang Mai.

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