07 August 2018

New post on Eye on Global Health: Eye On…Abortion Rights

Eye on Global Health is a MSc Global Health driven blog based at the University of Copenhagen. It aims to provide an innovative and insightful voice on Global and International Health issues.

Philippa Simmonds (MScGH student) has authored the latest blog post on Abortion Rights. 
1. August 2018. 

Extract of the post:

"This March, I found myself in Krakow’s historic main square with a group of fellow KU students, waving a wire coat hanger and screaming “Hańba!” (disgrace) along with hundreds of protestors. After spending five weeks immersing ourselves in the issues around reproductive health and rights in Poland, we were thoroughly invested in Polish women’s efforts to resist repeated attacks on their reproductive freedom (1), and seized the opportunity to join them in protest. Abortion rights are an important issue for the global health community, and have been in the news frequently in 2018. "

Please read the full post here Eye on …. Abortion Rights by Phillppa Simmonds.

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