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01 February 2016

New publications about migration and wellbeing

Line Neerup Handlos, a UCPH Ph-D fellow at MESU, har authored two articles about return migration among elderly and chronically ill Bosnian refugees.

The first is an article that explores the motives for return migration among elderly, chronically ill Bosnians who have lived in Denmark. We find that physical health, in the sense of the absence of illness and easy access to necessary healthcare- and welfare services, is not prioritized when this group of migrants decide whether or not to return. On the contrary, we find that social networks, a sense of belonging and wellbeing are the determining factors. See full article at International Journal of Enviroment Research and Public Health.

The second publication is a debate article that feeds in to the current (at least at the time of writing) debate on ‘welfare tourism’ and how migrants chose where to migrate to. We use the findings from the article as well as the results of a literature review to debunk the myth that migrants are driven primarily by the size of the welfare benefits in the host country, when they decide where to go to. Instead we show that migrants are driven by a desire for safety, social networks and opportunities to create a future for themselves and their families. See the full article at