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28 November 2016

Newly published book ‘Bæredygtig Global Udvikling'

Professor Flemming Konradsen and associate Professer Dan Wolf Meyrowitsch, from the Global Health Section , have contributed to the newly published book "'Bæredygtig Global Udvikling’ about UN’s 17 goals for Sustainable Development Goals. The book elucidates the goals and targets  from a Danish perspective.

The global goals ranging from ending world poverty, climate action to achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls by 2030.

The authors of the book are analyzing questions as: The goals and targets importance for Denmark; How to determine what interventions to implement in Denmark, What are the obligations and opportunities for Denmark compared to other countries in the world - including how to collaborate and make a strong global partnership between the countries.

The book is the first to discuss the goals and their importance and necessity for Denmark and the global world. The authors behind the book consists exclusively of leading experts on the represented subjects.