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22 August 2016

A Virtual Visit to a Refugee Camp

Summer Course

This year's participants at the summer course in Humanitarian Action were with a pair of Virtual Reality glasses offered the opportunity to experience an everyday life in a refugee camp.

School of Global Health is this year hosting as many as six summer courses including general introductory courses in Global Health Challenges and International Health, a field course in research methodology in Sri Lanka, and topic specific courses in transition in urban living, mass drug administration, and humanitarian action.

At the last mentioned, a group of 20 lively participants from all around the world took a closer look at the challenges, theories and practices of humanitarian action in a global perspective. Within four weeks, they managed to cover the historical and legal foundations, the international system in place to support it, different typologies of humanitarian crises, challenges and trends, as well as possible career paths in the field. Students were in the morning exposed to lectures given by representatives from various NGOs, multilateral organisations and self-governed companies and in the afternoon they went for field visits to various organisation located in Denmark.

This year's participants were given the unique opportunity of trying the virtual reality glasses and get a "first hand" experience of the every day life in a refugee camp. At the video below, you can see how Rhoda from Ghana, Katia from Syria, Kabibi from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Katrine from Denmark reacted during their visit to the Jordanian refugee camp.

The second video is the film "Clouds over Sidra"