07 February 2012

Vietnamese farmers fear the smell

Photo: Peter Kjaer Mackie Jensen 

Vietnamese farmers fertilise the soil by spreading human excrement on the fields with their bare hands. But it is only the smell they believe to be a health risk.

Vietnamese farmers are convinced that the smell of faeces can make them ill. They spread human excrement on their fields with their bare hands, but wear face masks to protect themselves from the smell.

Research projects supported by Danida, Denmark's development cooperation agency, have studied how people in countries like Vietnam think they become infected from human waste. The aim of the research is to put sanitation and hygiene on the agenda in areas plagued by infectious diseases from human excrement.

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The research was conducted in collaboration by researchers from Department of Veterinary Disease Biology (Faculty of LIFE sciences) Department of Anthropology (Faculty of Social sciences) and Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology (Faculty of Health sciences).

More research to understand users' perceptions of sanitation and human waste is currently being undertaken in urban Ghana