There are many job opportunities within the field of Global Health, however the job market can still be a very competitive and complex jungle to navigate. At this site we aim to guide you towards relevant employers and job listings.

A general advice is to know what you aspire to work with in the future, but not to be too picky in the initial phase of your employment career. You should keep working towards your dream job and the majority of jobs will provide you with experience, skills and knowledge that can help you land that job in the future.

Job Search Websites and Databases

Listed below are job listing sites, recommended by School of Global Health - University of Copenhagen, to assist you in finding information concerning job opportunities within the field of global health. UCPH has two websites where you can find general information about job hunting: Job PortalUCPH Job Bank and International Staff Mobility.

Job Search Databases

Job Sites

Non-Government Organizations:

Patient Organizations:

Private Companies:

Multilateral agencies: