An internship provides a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable experience and put the knowledge, skills and competences acquired in the course of their studies into practice. There are numerous internship opportunities within the field of global health in the NGO, public and private sector in Denmark and abroad. Check out the list of relevant organisations in our Job Sites list.

As a rule it is the enrolled student wishing to complete a credit-bearing internship's own responsibility to identify and approach potential internship host organisations that matches his or her interests.

School of Global Health has a network of contacts and on-going dialogue with selected organisations about internship opportunities that are announced on the Career Portal.

Where to start?

Below you will find some general advice to help you focus and structure your internship research and application process. Remember to check specific internship guidelines and procedures prevailing at your study as well:





















Are you ready for an internship?

Here are some key questions to guide your internship search and decision.

  1. Why are you searching for an internship? To complement courses, for thesis work, or both?
  2. What is your degree program and what are your fields of interest or topical concentration within your main studies? Does the internship position you want to pursue match your degree program?
  3. What kind of organisation and sector are you interested in working for? Public sector, private sector, non-profit NGO or International organisations?
  4. What kind of skills/competences do you want to develop? What sort of experience is lacking from your academic/professional training? Internships are often organised by function: research and analysis, project management, fundraising and event planning, field work, public relations and communications, training, etc. You should assess the internship opportunities not only by relevance to your field of interest, but also by in terms of which skills/competences and experiences each opportunity could help you develop.
  5. Where is your desired location of internship? Some students prefer internships in low- and middle income countries, others in high income countries abroad, while some prefer to stay within Denmark. How can an internship be funded if abroad? According to the study rules and regulations for University of Copenhagen, internships may not receive an actual salary from the hosting organisation, so make sure to plan how to cover the cost of the internship. (See sample budget for an internship abroad