15 June 2022

Global Health Internship Study - Lessons learnt and best practices Application

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Global Health Internship Study - Lessons learnt and best practices Application

Deadline 29 June 

Where: University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health, Global Health Section 

Who: For students enrolled in MSc and Master of Global Health programmes in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden 

Duration: Autumn semester 2022, 2-3 months full-time, 37 hours per week – TBD 

ECTS: 10 or 15 ECTS – or as agreed with home university 

The MSc Global Health programme at the University of Copenhagen will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023. Throughout the years, students have had the opportunity to do an accredited internship as a part of their study to apply theoretical knowledge and gain experience with real world tasks. 

The Global Health Section is seeking two interns to help us document and make a systematic assessment of our student’s internships since the initiation of the MSc Global Health study programme with a focus on learning outcomes and influence on career paths. 

Thus this assignment offers a unique opportunity for the interns to get first-hand knowledge of and to influence means and ways to help future Global Health students develop into the best Global Health actors across the spectrum of Global health challenges. 

The interns will collect and analyse primary and secondary quantitative data and prepare and undertake qualitative interviews with selected informants, incl. students, alumni, internship host organisations, supervisors and staff at UCPH as well as Advisory Board members. Depending on competencies, interests, and time available the intern(s) will be invited to co-produce short texts and video stories together with current interns for dissemination through selected channels. 

At the end, the interns will prepare a report and share findings and recommendations with UCPH Study and Advisory Boards, relevant partner universities, internship host organisations, students and alumni. 

Tasks will include, but may not be limited to, collection and analysis of 

  • Number and duration of internships 
  • Means and ways opportunities have been identified and agreements entered 
  • Type of host organization; locations; assignments 
  • Scope and character of assignments combined with thesis work 
  • Types of competencies, knowledge and skills acquired at different hosts organisations and sectors in relation to intended internship learning outcomes 
  • Influence of internships on career paths 

Applicants must be fluent in written and oral English; systematic with keen attention to the detail; self-managed; proactive and with a sound judgement and ability to reach out and communicate with 

staff, students, alumni, and external partners. 

Financial Aspects The Interns will not receive a salary or any other form of remuneration from UCPH. Interns from outside of Denmark are expected to make their own arrangements for accommodation, travel, medical insurance and other requirements. Associated costs must be assumed either by the home university or the students themselves. 

Practicalities and supervision Office space and IT-facilities will be provided in the Global Health Section. The interns will be supervised by staff in the section. 

For more information Please contact Bjørg Elvekjær, Senior Advisor at the Global Health Section: belv@sund.ku.dk 

Deadline for applications 29 June Please send your CV along with a cover letter of max 1 page to belv@sund.ku.dk 

We aim for (online) interviews 30/6 and 1/7 to settle agreements before the summer vacation.