6 January 2020

Consultant for WHO's Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs

Unit: WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs Secretariat
Department: Global NCD Platforms
Dates: 03 February 2020 – 01 June 2020 (4 months)

1. Purpose of consultancy

To support one of the priority functions of the WHO’s Global NCD Platforms Department, namely to “Develop and manage the ‘Knowledge Action Portal (KAP)’ to promote the uptake of knowledge, sharing of evidence-based solutions, success stories and best practices, across stakeholders, on NCDs and related SDGs”. Specifically, the consultancy will support one of the Department’s platforms, the Secretariat of the Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs (GCM/NCD), under its knowledge management team, to coordinate the development and implementation of the Research Connect – an online marketplace connecting individual funders, organizations or institutions conducting researchers, and funders through an interactive tool housed within the KAP.

This responsibility will include the development and management of the user-interface, validation and update of the information through the WHO processes, ensuring it’s presented in a standardized format, and supporting the implementation of the global tool.

Utilizing WHO, the GCM/NCD network and the Research Connect Steering Group, alongside the services of external web developers and data visualization experts, the tool will initially focus on Implementation Research and is scheduled to launch at the 73rd World Health Assembly in May 2020.

2. Background

The purpose of the Global NCD Platforms is to coordinate and mobilize meaningful and effective commitments and contributions from UN organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, philanthropic foundations and the private sector to support the overall strategic directions and priorities of WHO’s work on SDG target 3.4 and other NCD-related SDGs with the aim of promoting policy coherence and maximizing the number of countries that will be able to reach SDG 3.4 by 2030, taking into account the commitments included in the UNGA Political Declarations on NCDs from 2011, 2014 and 2018.

The Secretariat of the WHO GCM/NCD constitutes one of the Department’s strategic platforms which implements the departments purpose of facilitating and enhancing the coordination of activities, multi-stakeholder engagement and action across sectors at the national, regional and global levels, while avoiding duplication of efforts, using resources in an efficient and results- orientated way, and safeguarding WHO and public health from any undue influence by any form of real, perceived or potential conflicts of interest.

The functions of the GCM/NCD include, inter alia, to disseminate knowledge and share information based on scientific evidence and/or best practices and to advance multisectoral action by identifying and promoting sustained actions across sectors.

As part of its 2020-2021 Work Plan, the GCM/NCD has been tasked to develop the following activities:

  • Foster multi-stakeholder collaboration, partnerships and accountability by means of online platforms that consolidate and disseminate current scientific knowledge and available evidence, and that provide the basis for a review of national experience of engagement with NSAs in order to assess the significance and effectiveness of that engagement in implementing national strategies to achieve SDG target 3.4

  • Develop and manage the KAP in order to promote a better understanding of challenges identified at the national level to the implementation of the NCD GAP and achievement of SDG target 3.4, as well as the preliminary lessons learned and successful approaches to overcoming the challenges identified

  • Advocating and raising awareness; Disseminating knowledge and information; Encouraging innovation and identifying barriers; Advancing for multisectoral action; Advocating for the mobilization of resources

3. Description of work to be performed

The assignment will focus on the following output, which contributes to the development and implementation of Objective 1 and 2 of the WHO GCM/NCD Work Plan 2020-2021.

Output 1: Liaise with project manager, web developer and data visualization teams to coordinate the development of the Research Connect. Responsibilities will extend to the development and update of specific content, management and enhancement of the Research Connect section within the KAP.

Specific deliverables include the following:

1.1: Develop a Q1-Q2 project plan (to be completed by 28 February 2020), which includes a review of existing Research Connect consultations and plans.
1.2: Support the development and implementation of the Research Connect platform with web development and data visualization teams (to be completed by 24 April 2020).

1.3: Ensure the tool is fully populated and support senior management to obtain sign off ahead of launch event (to be completed by 1 May 2020).
1.4: Ensure the tool is updated with existing and new data ahead of the handover date (to be completed by 29 May 2020).

Output 2: Liaise with project manager, the GCM/NCD network and the Research Connect Steering Group to establish an implementation network for the Research Connect.

Specific deliverables include the following:

2.1: Develop an implementation plan for the Research Connect during the period of 2020- 2021 (to be completed by 28 February 2020).
2.2: Map and expand the Research Connect network with specific focus to academic funders, philanthropic foundations and business associations (to be completed by 27 March 2020).

2.3: Support a call for funding with 2-3 funding opportunities to directly feed into the Research Connect network ahead of the launch (to be completed by 1 May 2020).

2.4: Establish 2-3 Research Connect network conference calls ahead of the launch of the tool (to be completed by 29 May 2020).
2.5: Develop an implementation summary and update brief for Q3-Q4 ahead of handover (to be completed by 29 May 2020).

4. Specific requirements

Qualifications required:

  • Graduate degree in public health, global health or international development (or other related fields) at master’s level

Experience required:

  • Over five years of experience working in international organizations and/or research institutions.

  • Experience working with diverse stakeholders across income settings.

  • Experience working with philanthropic foundations and/or business associations.

  • Experience working with data scientists and web developers.

    Skills and knowledge:

  • Strong understanding of the NCD research agenda, including implementation research.

  • Understanding of NCD advocacy and global health civil society movements.

  • Strong writing, communication and presentation skills in English

  • Technical knowledge of global public health

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet short deadlines

  • Ability to work harmoniously as a member of a team, adapt to diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and maintain a high standard of professional conduct

    Language requirements:

  • Expert knowledge of English

  • Knowledge of other UN languages highly desirable

5. Place of assignment

Remote but reporting to HQ Geneva.

6. Technical Supervision

The selected Consultant will work under the supervision of:
Responsible Officer: Mr Jack Fisher, Technical Officer, WHO GCM/NCD Email:

7. Timeline

Start date: 03 February 2020 End date: 01 June 2020

8. Work effort

Four months at USD XXX per day

10. Travel

No travel assistance is required as the Consultant will work remotely.

For interested candidates, please send a resume and one-page cover letter to fisherj@who.int by Monday 13 January 2020.