21 June 2019

Intern/volunteer at ChildHugUganda

Do you want to help manage a newly founded NGO, supporting health and education projects for underprivileged children in Uganda?
Then this is a great opportunity for you to manage and build an NGO from the bottom up and experience what an NGO can do. This work can advance your future career!

We are seeking passionate volunteers to lead CHU’s programmes & research by supporting health and education projects for underprivileged children in Lira, Uganda.

ChildHugUganda - Denmark is a non-profit international organisation based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, a sub-organisation of the larger parent organisation ChildHugUganda based out of Lira, Uganda.

Position type: Part Time Volunteer
Supervisor: Daniel Graham (Team Leader and Volunteer Coordinator)

You can work from our sub-organisation locations in Copenhagen, Denmark & Helsinki, Finland or from our main offices in Lira, Uganda. The European sub-divisions mainly work on fundraising and communication, whereas the NGO work in Lira, Uganda deals with the implementation of health & education projects.

ChildHugUganda website: www.childhuguganda.org

To apply: just send a brief cover letter and CV to:
Daniel Graham – Team Leader and Volunteer Coordinator
Email: danielgrahamdk@gmail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/danielgrahamdk

For more information:
Click here to view CHU Policy Document
Click here to view CHU Volunteer Policy