27 May 2019

Internship opportunity at DIGNITY 

Research project on Economic evaluation of psycho-social intervention for the at-risk youth in the poor urban areas in Bagong Silang in the Philippines

Company:  Danish Institute against Torture

Location: Copenhagen

Internal Supervisor: Shr-Jie Sharlenna Wang and Mette Møhl

Internal Supervisor contact details: sjw@dignity.dk and mm@dignity.dk

Key methodology/software: Spreadsheet

Duration of the placement: 12 weeks

Title of research project: Economic evaluation of psycho-social intervention for the at-risk youth in the poor urban areas in Bagong Silang in the Philippines

Short explanation of research project

The primary goal of the study is to estimate the potential social and financial return on investment of alternative learning school (ALS) intervention for the youth at risk in the urban slum of Manila, the Philippines.

An alternative learning school (ALS) is a part of an urban intervention programme in Bagong Silang, Quezon City, Manila, run by the human rights and psychosocial organization Balay. The ALS programme aims to improve educational opportunity and enhance labour market integration of youth at risk living in a violent and poor urban neighborhood. Rather than measuring change in outcomes in the programme, which require a long-term perspective, the aspect of process evaluation examines whether the project was carried out as planned. Therefore, the second goal of the study is to identify and test the process/performance indicators that can be used to measure the success of a project implementation within the project monitoring and evaluation framework. The project has been implemented by our partner Balay since 2012.

The expected outcome of the economic evaluation will guide optimal use of resource in Balay’s interventions, funded by DIGNITY. We will address the knowledge gap on whether the choices of ALS interventions produce favorable social or economic impact locally. We also aim to develop methodology/model for further economic evaluation, including the most recent community data obtained from other projects in DIGNITY’s Global Alliance Programme if the similar instrument is in use. The final aim is to Increase of awareness of use of economic evaluation for monitoring and evaluation at DIGNITY and its partners in the south.

Expectations of student

The successful applicant will be post-graduate student in Economic/Health Economics or Public Health/Health Policy. Knowledge of quantitative analysis and health economic methods. Skills in cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis or decision tree modelling would be preferred. The applicant is expected to demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively (both written and oral) in English, to work independently, take initiative and meet deadlines with high degree of precision and attention to details. 

Any other information (e.g. scholarships, reimbursement of travel expenses, websites of interest, timing): DIGNTIY will help the applicant to apply for Erasmus exchange fellowship 

Application procedure for applying and deadline:

Please send an email to sjw@dignity.dk and job@dignityinstitute.dk with the following attachments:

  1. A short CV
  2. A copy of your academic transcript
  3. Motivation letter of 400-600 words, detailing your motivations, the project you are pursuing and the reasons why you apply for an internship at DIGNITY

Deadline for applications: 07 June, 2019  

We will contact you by 21 June, 2019 for a skype interview for the short-list candidate