Research opportunity for MSc-level student on the topic of alcohol use in Sri Lanka – University of Copenhagen

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11 July 2018

Research opportunity for MSc-level student on the topic of alcohol use in Sri Lanka

The harmful use of alcohol is a profound public health issue in Sri Lanka. The University of Copenhagen has, in partnership with a number of international collaborators, been working in Sri Lanka for decades on research themes such as alcohol use, suicide and how such behavior relates to social norms.

As part of a randomized control trial a baseline was conducted among 223,861 individuals in 53,382 households, surveying demographic and socioeconomic factors. In addition a subset of 8,800 households were randomly selected and through a structured questionnaire, social capital, family structure and alcohol patterns were assessed. In the case of alcohol, questions included the context and frequency of drinking and the perceived consequences of drinking to the households.

We are looking for an MSc-level student with an interest in alcohol consumption and social factors which might contribute to the use of it from a non-medical approach. The data collected could form part of a master thesis and would preferably be utilized in a peer-reviewed publication.

To describe the patterns of alcohol drinking in the study population to examine the relationship between household problems associated with alcohol use and selected demographic and socioeconomic variables.

Time frame
The study would be initiated as soon as possible.

Jane Brandt Sørensen, PhD, has carried out research on the topic of alcohol consumption in Sri Lanka and will function as main supervisor. Prof. Flemming Konradsen has carried out research in Sri Lanka for more than 20 years and will function as co-supervisor. Both are affiliated with the Global Health Section, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. Input to the analysis will furthermore be obtained from core research partners at University of Edinburgh, University of Sydney and University of Bristol.

The student is expected to produce (i) a set of data and (ii) a draft paper as an output of the research.

To apply
Interested candidates should submit a ½-1 page motivational letter and CV to with an indication of when the research is expected to be initiated.

Application deadline: 15 August 2018

For further information or questions, please contact Jane Brandt Sørensen (