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27 October 2017

Call for New Members: Trainee Advisory Committee

University of Copenhagen CUGH - Membership Opportunity

The Trainee Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) is composed of trainees from undergraduate and graduate levels in any discipline (medical and non-medical) who have an interest in global health. It works to bring the trainee voice and perspective to CUGH in order to advance CUGH's mission to improve the well being of people around the world through research, education, service and advocacy.  This is an excellent opportunity to advance issues important to students within CUGH.

The present call is an invitation for you to apply to becoming a member of the TAC for the next 2 years. TAC members are involved in the work of the various CUGH committees; there is great flexibility for you to engage in areas of interest you may have. Additionally, members are engaged in the management of this subcommittee and involved in trainee specific work. Lastly, the TAC meets online on a regular basis and yearly in person at the CUGH Global Health Conference. The overall workload ranges from 1-5 hours per week. Finally, all TAC members are expected to attend  CUGH's Global Health Conference which will take place in New York, NY, March 16th-18th, 2018 (with satellite sessions, including a half day session, on March 15).  Handover and training of future TAC members will take place during that time.

Please complete the application form by 8 November, 2017 23:59 GMT

Applicants who have submitted complete candidatures will be notified by email; if you do not receive such a notification within 7 days of submitting the application, please contact us.

To be eligible, candidates must:

  1. be trainees, i.e. student in registered at a university; in undergraduate or      graduate level programs;
  2. have an interest in global health;
  3. have submitted a complete candidature, incomplete applications will not be      considered;
  4. (candidates may come from any country).

Candidates will be selected based on:

  1. current involvement in local global health groups,
  2. interest in CUGH activities, capacity to contribute to the TAC;
  3. the selection process will aim to create a diversified group of trainees from      a wide range of fields of study and institutions;
  4. prior experience in global health and organizational management will be taken      into account.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to us at Further information can additionally be found at CUGH official website.