#Female Pleasure / Sexual liberation

Global Health Film Days: Female Pleasure

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Barbara Miller’s feature documentary #Female Pleasure portrays five courageous, smart and self-determined women, breaking the silence imposed by their archaic-patriarch societies and religious communities. With incredible strength and positive energy, Deborah Feldman, Leyla Hussein, Rokudenashiko, Doris Wagner and Vithika Yadav are fighting for sexual liberation and autonomy for women, beyond religious rules and cultural barriers. But their victory comes at a high price: they all have experienced public defamation, threats and prosecutions, have been excommunicated by the society they grew up in and even received death threats by religious leaders and fanatics.

#Female Pleasure shows the universal mechanisms at work that determine the position of women until today, spanning cultures, religions and continents: from Japan and India and the Somali muslim diaspora to the Hasidic community in Brooklyn and the Catholic clergy in Europe. All protagonists have come to the same conclusion: the female body is subjected to male lust and first and foremost meant for procreation, without any regard for female sexual pleasure and autonomy.These women decided to speak up and are the ultimate example on how courage, strength and zest for life can indeed alter societal structures.

EVENT After the screening, we invite you to join our interactive fair about sexuality, sexual health, and pleasure. There will be several booths where you can get creative, learn more, and explore some of the topics presented in the movie. Get inspired as you discover vulva art and take a peek at the beautiful art magazine Sexualia. Explore the Wall of Vulvas and break taboos around the female body. Discover how pleasure and safe sex go hand in hand and how we can make porn more ethical and inclusive. Hear about pleasure positive sexual health programs around the world. Test your knowledge about female genital mutilation and learn more about this concerning global issue. And much more! The event will be in English.

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Category: Statistics, Marketing

Barbara Miller
Schweiz, Germany, 2018

100 min.
English subtitles
Allowed over 15 years