MatchPoints conference: Global Health Challenges and Solutions

Logo of the Match Points conference

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how quickly a disease can spread across the globe with devastating consequences for people’s health and the world’s economies. And it’s unlikely to be a one-off. Whilst some infectious diseases are being eradicated, new and unknown diseases are emerging – and many diseases that can be treated in countries with advanced healthcare systems are spreading in parts of the world less able to handle them.

The MatchPoints conference ‘Global Health Challenges and Solutions’ will explore topics central to global health today, such as pandemic preparedness, health inequality, climate change and sustainability, chronic disease and mental health – all from a global perspective.

Meet leading researchers, PhD students, politicians, health stakeholders and NGO representatives, who, through presentations and debates, will highlight the challenges associated with global health and suggest solutions to overcome them. How can we learn from each other around the world? And how can we create more equal access to healthcare internationally? These are just some of the compelling questions that we will address and discuss with you at MatchPoints 2023.

On Saturday 13 May, Aarhus School of Architecture will host Global Health lectures and discussions with TV-journalist Jacob Rosenkrands guiding the audience through a day called "Din, min og verdens sundhed". The event is organized by Aarhus University, Aarhus People’s University and Aarhus Municipality.

Read more about the conference and the speakers here.