let's talk: Environmental Change & Human Health

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What is the impact of environmental change on human health?
Extreme weather conditions, air pollution, disease outbreaks, loss of biodiversity – there is no doubt about the presence of hazards caused by rapid changes to the global environment. Natural climate change has occurred throughout human history. However, man-made disruptions to the environment pushed the boundaries of natural systems and continues to accelerate the transformation at an alarming pace.
The natural environment has vast direct and indirect repercussions for human health and welfare. Any changes to the environment affect our food systems, quality of air and water, and our closest surroundings. Protecting human health and developing adaptation mechanisms is the most urging challenge of global health.
Who is our guest?
Peter Furu is a Public Health Scientist from the School of Global Health at the University of Copenhagen with a focus on the area of environmental health and Health Impact Assessment (HIA). He is also University of Copenhagen’s focal point for the Planetary Health Alliance.
  • To what extent is our health dependent on our environment?
  • How can we mitigate the global burden of disease caused by our own impacts on the planet’s natural systems?
  • How natural hazards have been dealt with in the past, and how we can adapt and build resilience in the future?
  • Introduction to the Planetary Health Alliance
That is what we will be talking about with our guest, Peter Furu, during our next webinar on March 10th.
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Let’s talk...

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If you are already curious to know all about the Planetary Health Alliance, and can’t wait until March 10th, check out their resources: https://www.planetaryhealthalliance.org/