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Exploring Career Opportunities with Synapse

Do you find it difficult to finish the following sentence – “When I’m finished with my studies I’ll work as a …”? If yes do not worry. Synapse hereby invites you to our event “Exploring career opportunities with Synapse”. Come and hear about different career possibilities that exist within the life science industry. Perhaps you will be able to finish the sentence afterwards?

The life science sector in Denmark employs thousands of people with a life science degree, but not everyone ends up working as a research scientist in the industry. In fact most people end up in various exciting jobs that you’ve probably never heard of such as IMP coordinator, drug safety advisor and QA specialist.

The industry is filled with endless job positions and career paths. It can be quite overwhelming as a newly graduated student to figure out which kind of jobs that lie behind the titles.

Therefore Synapse now invites students and new graduates to explore the career opportunities within the life science industry. We have invited 8 speakers from different positions in the industry to come and enlighten you on the different career paths found in the industry after graduation!

The evening will start with an introduction to the structure of a life science company by Lars Bukhave Rasmussen who serve as Vice President for Marketing at LEO Pharma in USA. Lars holds a master’s degree in veterinary medicine followed by an MBA and has served several different positions with LEO Pharma, which have given him unique insights to the structure of a large life science company. Lars will be followed by 7 presentations on career paths within different areas of a life science company. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to network with the speakers and the other participants while enjoying some light dinner and wine.

Participating is for free but registration is needed.
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