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Invitation to join Africanist Graduate Forum

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the third meeting of the Africanist Graduate Forum on FRIDAY 27 MAY, 13.30-17.00. This will be the third Forum gathering and we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible.   It falls just two days after Africa Day, which makes the timing most suitable.

If you are new to the Forum, it was initiated in Spring 2015 by the Centre of African Studies (CAS) at Copenhagen University, in broad collaboration with a number of other university departments and research institutes in the wider Copenhagen and Øresund region and beyond. The intention is to provide an academic presentation and networking space for all those PhD candidates primarily in the social sciences and humanities working on a thesis topic with a clear Africa-related focus.

As with the two previous events, we are especially interested to invite volunteers from among the PhDs to present a paper on a selected dimension of their work. This could either be a chapter from the thesis, or a presentation on a particular question or theme or dilemma you are dealing with, and on which you would like engaged feedback.

The format allows for presentation of three PhD papers, each having a full hour:  up to 30 minutes for presentation and 30 minutes for open discussion. If the presenter wishes to invite a specific discussant for the paper, then the format will shift to 20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes comments from the discussant, then 30 minutes open discussion.

 Those who wish to volunteer to present should do so as soon as possible, and no later than by MONDAY 11 APRIL. Please write to me (at: with a proposed title and short abstract of what you wish to present, also indicating your institution, the name of your supervisor, for how long you have been doing the PhD, and where you are in your process.  Please also indicate if you are likely to have an actual paper to circulate in advance (which is preferable), although this is not a pre-requisite. 

We will let you know very soon after that if there is a slot allocated to you. 

If you aren’t in a position to present this time round, there will be other opportunities to do so in the future within the ongoing framework of the Forum. We encourage as many of the available supervisors and other academic staff from the associated institutions to attend as possible.

There will be a little time towards the end of the seminar to make relevant announcements and to raise and discuss broader issues concerning the Forum as a whole.  Besides the Forum providing a space for presenting and discussing your work, this is also very much a space for sharing information and networking within the frame of Africanist scholarship and relevant Africa-related activities in the region.

We would be grateful if you would inform us if you intend to participate (since we also wish to prepare drinks and snacks for after the event), and not later than MONDAY 9 MAY.  Please send a mail about your attendance or any other general queries to our student assistant at: 

Some may like to go out for dinner afterwards (at one’s own expense :).  Perhaps this can be coordinated somewhat in advance in order to make a booking at a suitable restaurant. 

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this second gathering of the Africanist Graduate Forum