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Nutrition in Global Health

Gain an in-depth understanding of global trends, challenges, burdens and determinants related to nutrition and health

The University of Copenhagen’s School of Global Health offers a five weeks, blended-learning summer course in nutrition in global health. This summer course is taught in English and aimed at master level students with an interest in not only understanding nutrition related global health challenges but also propose feasible solutions aiming at these challenges.

Dates: 17 July – 18 August 2017
E-learning: 17 July - 4 August
On campus: 7 August - 18 August

Venue: Frederiksberg Campus, University of Copenhagen


This summer school aims at providing the students an understanding of nutrition themes relevant to global health. The themes include:

  • Infant and child nutrition
  • Prevention and treatment of undernutrition
  • Nutrition and infections
  • Nutrition transition and the double burden

Although the focus is on nutrition and health science, the themes will be seen in a broader context and a social science perspective will be included when relevant. The student will gain knowledge on the major nutrition problems and the underlying determinants and vulnerable population groups. Furthermore, the student will be able to evaluate the determinants of nutrition problems in low income settings as well as discuss strengths and limitations of strategies to prevent and treat nutrition-related global health challenges.


The course is using blended learning and consists of three weeks online teaching followed by two weeks intensive full time teaching at Frederiksberg Campus. Online-lectures and discussions and self-assessment tests will be blended with short face-to-face lectures, group exercises, and journal clubs.

Students with a completed BSc or BA that have some knowledge on human nutrition are eligible for signing up.

If you have not completed your bachelor degree on date of application please upload relevant documentation on how far you have reached in your studies at this point (credit wise etc.) as well as an account (signed by a Study Secretary or other authority) of how far it is anticipated you will have reached by summer, proving this is equivalent to a bachelors degree.

Course certification

The summer course is accredited 7.5 ECTS.

The exam consists of a written take home assignment, based on scientific papers. The students have 27 hours to do the assignment and are allowed to use all course literature, notes, Internet and to discuss with fellow students..

Tuition fee

Internal students
Students from Danish universities will not be charged any tuition fee provided that the course is accepted as part of their MSc programme. Danish students must provide a pre-approval of credit transfer upon application.


The summer course is open to application. For application go to the site for the Summer Course in Nutrition in Global Health.

Also for information on application, admission and deadlines go to Summer Courses (Faculty of Science).

Application deadline is 1 June 2017.

Contact information

Course responsible
Henrik Friis

Reserved rights for changes.