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Huma Aftab

Contact information

Project Title:

Double burden of tuberculosis and diabetes in a high prevalence population


Ongoing (2013-2018)


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is due to economic growth, rapidly changing living conditions and lifestyle increasing in developing countries. In many of these countries, tuberculosis (TB) remains highly prevalent. Several studies suggest that patients with DM are more susceptible to TB, require more time to clear the mycobacteria and also more frequently die from the infection. However, time-relation between debut of DM and TB is less clear, and it is largely unknown if better control of DM may improve outcome of TB treatment, and vice versa.

Study design

A hospital based study in Pakistan. Patients with TB and previously known or newly diagnosed DM will be randomized into two treatment groups: conventional or insulin treatment. To our knowledge this is the first study evaluating the reversibility of DM in TB and effect of DM treatment on TB outcomes and vice versa.


Comparative study of HbA1c and fasting plasma glucose vs the oral glucose tolerance test for diagnosis of diabetes in people with tuberculosis, by H. Aftab et. al.

High prevalence of diabetes and anthropometric heterogeneity among tuberculosis patients in Pakistan, by H. Aftab et. al.