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Terrorism and deradicalization



Heru Susetyo

Assistant Professor, Chairman of Center for Islam and Islamic Law Studies at Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia 

Organized and Presented by the DIGNITY (Danish Institute against Torture)


Shr-Jie   Sharlenna Wang: sjw@dignityinstitute.dk


Morten Koch   Andersen: mka@dignityinstitute.dk

The seminar and discussion is open to the public. The 2-hour event is a unique opportunity for people who is interested in the terrorism, victimization, deradicalization progress and human rights issues in Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population (204 millions) in the world.
The seminar is made possible by the support from Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia and Danish Institute against Torture (DIGNITY), Denmark. DIGNITY is a self-governing institution independent of party politics, and it is the biggest center of its kind in the world. DIGNITY is organized in three broad themes: Rehabilitation, Detention and Urban Violence. 

In the aftermath of Bali Bombing 12 October 2002, which is considered as the biggest terrorism attack ever in Indonesia, the Indonesian government launched so called ‘war against terrorism’.  Laws on terrorism were soon enacted and applied retroactively.  Special Police to Combat Terrorism, namely Detachment of 88 was formed.  Special Agency to coordinate counterterrorism measures was soon established, namely Badan Nasional PenanggulanganTerorisme or National Anti-Terrorism Agency.

Yet, from 2002 to 2016, number of terrorism attack in Indonesia have not been diminished.  Instead, there has been a shift of terrorism command.  From Al Qaeda-related link to ISIS network.  This phenomenon is seriously taken into account by National Anti-Terrorism Agency and Special Detachment of 88.  Since early 2010’s it has conducted special program to combat terrorism namely deradicalization program while the Detachment of 88 has launched more massive manhunt for suspected terrorism all over Indonesia, supported by Indonesian military. 

Deradicalization program targets former terrorism suspects and former inmates.  Also, it targets schools, universities, and other academic institutions suspected as being an agent for radical ideology dissemination in Indonesia. 

Both deradicalization program and massive manhunt have created problems.  At one side the Agency claimed that they have prevented terrorism, but on the other hand, they have victimized innocent people such as family of terrorist suspects and violated civil rights of former inmates.  In addition, by targeting specific academic institutions, the agency has been accused as arbitrarily labelling people as terrorist or future terrorist, which is a clear violation of human rights. 

This research, therefore, is a study of deradicalization program in Indonesia which is conducted in Java Island where many terrorism attack took place.  It tries to describe the dynamic of the program between the need of law enforcement in the name of law enforcement and its impact to human rights and civil liberty.  The result of this study will contribute to the drafting of new Indonesian Anti-Terrorist policies which is currently under review. 

The speaker:
Heru Susetyo is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia.  He has been teaching as full time faculty member since 2006.  Previously he had worked as assistant of researcher at Atmajaya Catholic University, Jakarta and as Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Law Universitas Indonusa Esa Unggul.   His subjects are Victimology-Criminology, Law and Human Rights, Transnational Organized Crime (Terrorism) Law and Social Welfare and Research Methods. Heru Susetyo was graduated from Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta (bachelor of law and master of social work), Northwestern University, Chicago-USA (Master of International Human Rights Law), Mahidol University, Bangkok (Ph.D. in Human Rights and Peace Studies) and currently working for another Ph.D in Victimology  (External PhD Researcher) at Tilburg University, Netherlands with current research on Terrorism and Victimization in the Aftermath of Terrorism in Indonesia. Beside of teaching and research activities, Heru Susetyo is a human rights lawyer, social activist and victim’s assistant.   He founded a legal aid body namely Indonesian Law and Human Rights Advocacy Center (PAHAM) in 1999 and Indonesian Center for Information and Advocacy for Rohingya Asylum Seekers (PIARA) in 2012.   He has also joined Indonesian Red Crescent as Head of Legal since 2002 and joined numerous emergency response program in the aftermath of natural disasters and social conflicts in Indonesia.

In the field of victimology, he had served as Indonesian representative for World Society of Victimology Executive Committee for two consecutive terms (2009 – 2015) and currently serves as General Secretary of Association of Lecturers of Victimology in Indonesia (APVI) until 2020.


Participation fee:

Target audience:
The seminar is open to all academic, practitioners and the publics who are interested in the relevant issues. Participation of the students is highly encouraged.

If you have any registration or program inquiry, please contact: sjw@dignityinstitute.dk. Space is limited. Preregister by clicking on the DIGNITY event links below https://www.facebook.com/events/557510571303919/