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Making Up Genome Finland. Politics Of Health Data Sourcing

Professor Ilpo Helén
University of Eastern Finland

University lecturer Karoliina Snell
University of Helsinki

With a commentary by

Professor Thomas Lemke
Goethe University, Frankfurt

Sourcing of health data is on the agenda of governments, companies and institutions all over the globe today. We describe and analyse current developments in the politics of health data in Finland, including the efforts to integrate Finnish biobanks and establish a national genome repository. These endeavours are part of the government’s key projects in which one priority is to “Make Finland a forerunner in utilising genome information”.  Notably, the key project is located under the heading of “employment and competitiveness”, instead of “wellbeing and health”. The imperative of economic competitiveness penetrates the public discourse and creates an urgency to win the race for the best genome data in the world. We describe and problematize this approach through the cases of biobanks and the genome centre. We bring forth views of the stakeholders involved in the process, point out tensions and controversies of the efforts for national data policy in a transnational world, and discuss ethical and social implications of those efforts.  

August 24, 2017, at 14:15-15:30, in room 5.0.22
at CSS, Øster Farimagsgade 5A, building 5

 Everybody is welcome!

Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies,
University of Copenhagen announces the seminar