Lunch Seminar with Milan Markovic from University of Graz, Austria – University of Copenhagen

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Lunch Seminar with Milan Markovic from University of Graz, Austria

Aspects of the human right to health in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights

Milan MarkovicMilan Markovic's will talk about his research which aims to on one hand, detect and explain how important aspects of the human rights to health, which is a non-Convention socio-economic human rights, have received indirect judicial protection before this Court, and on the other, to extract contents and reach of such protection - relevant references and positive obligations formulated for the member States. By doing so, the thesis will support theories on justiciability of non-classic rights, insist on de facto interrelation and interdependence of all human rights, explain the obvious development of the Court's preparedness to tackle new and emerging issues and thus modify its own formal jurisdiction in a way of practice. The thesis shall go on to claim that core aspects of the right to health have indeed been protected by this judicial instance, and that this particular tendency will only develop further. The analysis to this regard is undertaken over the three Convention articles - 2, 3 and 8. Finally, the thesis will once more conclude on the importance of judicial treatment of the socio-economic human rights, especially the right to health,  in accordance to their inherence with numerous Convention rights.

The presentation itself will present aims and wuestions of the doctoral research, expected reach and results, scope and structure, and the so far achieved preliminary findings, as well as selected case law.         

For participation in the event please use this registration form (closed) no later than 6 February 2013 11:00.

You are welcome to bring your own lunch bag.