Diabetes and Urbanisation in Greenland – a complex association – University of Copenhagen

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Diabetes and Urbanisation in Greenland – a complex association

Open research meeting about diabetes and urbanisation in Greenland with the Non-Communicable Diseases Research Group at University of Copenhagen.

Presentation by Marit Eika Jørgensen from Steno Diabetes Centre

Contrary to most studies of the influence of urbanisation on glucose intolerance, our results indicate that the urbanisation process among the Greenland Inuit has not been accompanied by an increase in the proportion of people with glucose intolerance.

The highest prevalence of diabetes is found in villages and small towns compared to towns in spite of lower physical activity level in the towns. Diet, exposure to persistent organic pollutants, low birth weight and socio-economic factors may potentially explain the inverse association with westernisation.

The presentation will give an overview of diabetes research in Greenland over the last 15 years.