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Comparative Regional Human Rights Systems

Comparative Regional Human Rights Systems: Courts and Adjudication

Regional human rights courts and quasi-judicial human rights institutions are increasingly important features of the landscape of both international law and society. Each of the three well-established regional human rights courts and commissions (the European Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights, and the African Commission and Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights) has received considerable attention in their own right in the academic literature on human rights courts and adjudication. Although a vast literature exists in which numerous aspects of each these systems are analysed, there is very little ‘horizontal analysis’ in which all regional human rights courts and commissions have been studied comparatively in a systematic fashion. 

This workshop brings together leadings experts on the three regional systems to develop a cutting-edge comparative understanding of the institutional dynamics, access, interpretive principles, case law and remedies of the European, American and African human rights systems. 

More specifically we ask the following questions across the regional systems:

  • What are the similarities and differences between the institutional trajectories of these institutions? 
  • What role do regional and global politics play in the shaping of these institutions? 
  • Who uses these courts and how is access regulated? 
  • Do regional courts converge in their interpretation of human rights law? 
  • What factors explain the divergences in the remedy jurisprudence of these institutions?